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Curtains Up OrnaMETAL INFINETTE Kaleidoscope Mouldings HardWoods



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OrnaMETAL Décor Creatively Crafted in the Artisan Tradition



      3/4" base Finials               1" base Finials         Accessories     Use with INFINETTE...


INFINETTE Alternatives  >>>  Under Construction

Kaleidoscope  >>>  Under Construction

CENTURY Architectural Specialties (Mouldings & Ceiling Medallions) >>>  Under Construction

White River Hardwoods (Mouldings & Ceiling Medallions) >>>  Under Construction


















AB[22], AC[20], BL[59], PT[60]


Colors: AB[22], AC[20], AS[33], AW[34], BB[24], BL[59], BRN[46], BSV[45], GLD[44], GT[], HC[32], HG[30], IV[38], PE[], PG[42], PT[60], VG[39], WAG[40]

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